The Laurel Foundation is hoping to launch a new Internet-based model for parents of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Before we can launch this revolutionary new service, we need an objective assessment of the most effective treatment protocols available today—something that has yet to be measured on a meaningful scale.

As a first step, we plan to ask thousands of families to log their child’s ASD characteristics and the effectiveness of a given treatment every three months. We will also record demographic details such as age and rural/urban environment, to reflect the impact of variables that are not associated with treatment protocols. All information will be entered anonymously, by assigning children with a number known only to them. The project will gather information from North America, Europe, Australia, China, Japan and India, and other countries where comparable services are provided. Using statistical metadata clustering, the system will group all children with the same ASD characteristics and then compare their treatments and outcomes from ineffective to successful.

The ASD definitions, types of services and outcomes will be determined and continuously reviewed by an International Committee of ASD experts chosen by leading Autism-advocacy organizations such as Autism Speaks, National Autistic Society in the UK, or Autism Europe, for example. Once the best practices are identified for each cluster of ASD characteristics, the Laurel Foundation will develop an Internet treatment program for use by individual parents, ASD professionals, schools, and community program on a free or low-cost basis. This ensures that any family, whether located in an isolated farm, ranch, outport, village, town, or city can obtain the best current treatment in the world for their child’s specific needs, to be administered by parents or medical professionals.

Colin Tisshaw
Laurel Foundation
Coquitlam, BC


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